Our Services

GST TRAINING – Generally, there is a high turnover of accounting staff. Are you confident that your staff are capturing and reporting the company's GST transactions correctly. As owners of the business, you can be held liable for errors or under declaration of GST. Our specially tailored workshops are aimed to raise the competency level of both management and staff.

- Contact us to commence a review of your business transactions and the GST compliance level. You can potentially save significant amount in penalties.

GST PLANNING & CONSULTANCY - Although GST was designed to be a simple tax, the varied nature of business transaction can result in a great impact on your cash flow. Do contact us for a no obligation preliminary discussion.

TRANSFER OF BUSINESS - Taking over a business or converting from a sole-proprietorship to a partnership or limited company has a GST impact. We can advise you on the smooth transfer of your business, including the transfer of assets, with no GST impact.

GST DE-REGISTRATION - De-registration from GST can result in your business accounting tax to the authority when you de-register. Our consultancy service will advise you to ensure that the process of your de-registration is smooth and has no GST impact.